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Welcome to Casa De Ciclistas

Contact us before arriving, so we can guarantee your seat. 

Gutape Restaurant Colombia

Casa de Ciclistas

Take Time To Savor Life!

Enjoy The Ride

Welcome to Casa de Ciclistas Restaurant & Café, in Guatapé.  A popular oasis for adventure cyclists from throughout Colombia and traveling adventurers from around the world.

Our location is a little secluded, nicely tucked off the main road at the entrance of town. The area has hundreds of colorful birds that call our amazing restaurant home with a spectacular waterfront view.

Come enjoy a coffee and free wifi before your next big ride, or a long chat with friends after.

Fuel To Ride On

Listen to Your Body

Delicious Happens Here!

We believe our bodies have a lot to say.  That when we listen to our body, we feel better and perform better.  So we make delicious vegetable and fruit-rich foods that nourish and sustain. Using ingredients that are real and recognized, like whole grains,  superfoods and quality meats.

Casa de Ciclistas

Gutape Restaurant Colombia
Gutape Restaurant Colombia
Gutape Restaurant Colombia

Guatapé's Official Rider Refueling Station

Ride Hard

colombia gutape restaurant
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